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I believe many of my friends are aware of the classic Slayer album "Reign in Blood", the recent Nike's designers on to this album, the classic Slayer album "Reign in Blood" as the inspiration for the design of the full bloody appearance Dunk High from china Its well-known sports brand Nike Nike SB skateboarding and well-known regional trend shop Brooklyn Projects recently jointly launched the bloody full Dunk High shoes. What we call it bloody shoes? Us with a look.

 From the previous Brooklyn Projects x Nike SB related reports, see the response message, we expect for this Dunk High is a very high degree of that ah, I also have such feelings,china nike shoes in the history as a classic shoe, much a lot of people like.

 I believe those who know Thrash Metal will know the famous metal band Slayer, and this Nike SB Dunk High on the classic Slayer album "Reign in Blood" as inspiration, adhering to the Slayer's style, the rapid brutal force, a clean sweep the speed of the high-top Nike Dunk SB version type show, do the old high-grade leather with suede, complement each other, seemingly decadent sense of design, and sight of blood-like red soles, perfectly reflects the style of music like Slayer and vivid.

 May see here, we will ask when this Dunk High in the domestic sale, but now the only description of this exposure is limited Dunk High will be 814 pairs worldwide,cheap nike shoes from china it appears only in the patient waiting of you. As full of unique design style skateboard shoes Dunk High, with the other skateboarding shoes that are not luxurious elegance. Overall the launch of the Nike Dunk High shoes are suitable for the young beauty wearing personal friends.

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