Magnificent views of cheap NFL jerseys the Sahyadri Mountains

  Kundalika Rafting At Kolad Is An Experience Of A Lifetime Kolad in Southern Maharashtra is a small village that is known for its greenery and magnificent views of cheap NFL jerseys the Sahyadri Mountains. More importantly, Kolad is one of the most popular places in Maharashtra for the enthusiasts of whitewater rafting. The Kundalika River flows through this village and Kundalika rafting is considered one of the most adrenalin pumping actions in Kolad. Rafting at Kolad is exhilarating and can really take stress out completely from your system.

 Kundalika is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the southern part of Maharashtra and its speed comes from the fact that there are nearby dams from which water is released in great quantities. There is a 14 km stretch on the Kundalika that becomes a haven for the lovers of Wholesale NFL jerseys Kundalika rafting during the monsoon season. This area is an area of Grade II and Grade III rapids and can thrill both the novice and the experienced rafters. Rafting at Kolad is a day-long affair and is best experienced between July and December.

 Kolad rafting is for everyone individual families and corporate groups. Aside from rafting at Kolad there are many other exciting options in adventure sports. The Kundalika rafting camp is an ideal place to spend the night in and soak in the beauty of the night. Nearby camps at Sutarwadi and Durshet also offer great night stay options. If you are of the more NFL jerseys shop adventurous sort then you can also indulge in rock climbing and rappelling.

 Reaching Kolad is fairly easy and you can catch the train to reach in 3 hours. You also have the option of driving down to Kolad through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Driving is a better option because you can really soak in the beauty of the Maharashtra countryside. There are some nice temples to visit during the journey and you can pay your homage here too. And once you reach Kolad the excitement just builds in and stays with you throughout the couple of days that you spend here. The sight of the Kundalika as it rushes through is a great sight and you are simply going to fall in love with this place.

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