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The ballot was a wear not into the training unlined upper garment and then throw a video on the web, is widely spread, become "legacy", and in the game against Uruguay yesterday Italy, ballot the shirt again.The game, ballot and indeed a little not, and god was is in the Uruguayan frequent "big action" constantly be put wholesale NBA jerseys cheap over, in a bad mood, often conflict with his rival, shot in the wind also not feet, wasting two time opportunity, to the post of anger play and lawn, and shirt this time also to shows, in the match, the ballot in the second half and each other's diego-a clash against top shimon peres after Uruguay's medical treatment diego-shimon peres to play the injury, and taking the advantage of this opportunity, the fourth official actually go to the ballot before he replaced the requirements shirt.

 Original, the ballot in the first half of the wear shirt without a problem, but after the break, but he wears a old money for the Italian shirt, and the teammates or is too careless, or is granted, and are not found. The Italian media speculation, is perhaps the ballot of personal items too not well organized, all the shirts are mixed together, face before playing just grab one. Finally, in the referee's point, the Italian team work personnel as the ballot and brought the New Jersey for replacement, change the shirt, the NBA jerseys shop mood of the ballot a lot, also with diego-shimon peres apologized. And these interesting scenes, also did not escape television lens, the Getty images also clear records the ballot and replacement of the jersey scene.

 Mario ballot benefit (Mario Balotelli Barwuah, on aug 12, 1990-is an Italian football player, the secretary striker and has played in serie a and inter milan. Now with the Manchester city football club.On December 23, 2010, Manchester city striker ballot and beat Arsenal prodigy cher and atletico Madrid's keeper will HeYa crowned European jin award. Europe is jin award by Italian tuttosport since 2003, through the organization of Nike NFL Kids Jerseys more than 30 European sports media football journalist, with the way the vote score for 21 years old the following produce excellent young player of the year award. After seven years of European jin award winner respectively is: in 2003, rafael van der vaart; In 2004, Wayne rooney; In 2005, Lionel messi; In 2006, fabregas; In 2007, the aguero; In 2008, Anderson; In 2009, pato.

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