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If you're like me, you love wearing New Era hats. Now We all know that these

snapback hats cheap aren't cheap, so you're going to want to maintain their condition-especially if your hat is a custom one of a kind that you just can't find anywhere anymore. In this article, I'm going to give you some tips on how you can maintain your New Era Fitted so you can wear your hat instead of throwing away.

 Recently New Era Cap Company has released a product line called "Re-Cap." You can find these accessories at any New Era retailer these days. The cap brush is the cheapest and probably the most practical accessory offered by New Era. If your hat is just a bit dusty, the snapback wholesale brush will get rid of the dust with ease. Before we continue, I should advise you against putting your hat in the washing machine as the shape of your cap will get ruined for good.

 So let's say you've got a dirty hat and the cap brush won't do the job. No need to worry as New Era has developed a "Re-Cap" cleaning kit ($39.99usd). This kit includes a toothbrush, a "Clean" solution, a "Shape" solution, and an inflatable ball. The first step is to put your dirty hat on the inflatable ball and pump the ball till your hat is on it securely. The next step is to spray your hat with the "Clean" solution. Then, what you want to do is brush off the dirt using the included toothbrush. Once your cap is clean, you'll want to maintain or bring back its original shape.

 In order to restore the original shape of your hat, you will have to use the "Shape" bottle and spray it down and let it dry for a while. The "Shape" bottle works like hairspray and takes the mold of last king hats for sale the shaper ball. So be sure to pump the ball enough so that your hat is seated snug.Now you know how to bring life back to your hats, so why not dig in to your closet and restore Monster Energy hats? 

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